More than Water.

The device that creates the ideal water for your body.

Healthy and Powerful.

CellPower Water® Bottle helps you take your health to the next level.

Works as an antioxidant.

Active hydrogen and negative ORP have therapeutic properties in reducing the body’s acidity and oxidation levels.

Is a frequency receiver.

It is the essential tool for those who do electrotherapy sessions (such as Healy and TimeWaver), to maximize the benefits.

Brings clinical results.

It has been tested in a clinical environment over the last few years, with excellent results in patients with the most diverse health conditions.

Top Features of CellPower Water Bottle:


USB-C charging

5- minute cycle

330ml capacity

H2 level > 1100ppb

ORP index < -600

rH2 index < 10

pH value < 7

More about CellPower Water Bottle:

Scientific evidence

There are hundreds of studies – some presented here – that all confirm the ability of H2 to reduce the levels of some “free radicals“, particularly the very dangerous hydroxyl radical (OH•) leading to a corresponding reduction in the level of oxidative stress.
The therapeutic benefits of hydrogen are proven in the most diverse health conditions: diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, cancer, alzheimer, parkinson…

FAQs about CellPowerWater ® Bottle

  • How much CellPower Water should I drink per day?

    You should use CellPower Water Bottle in all the water you drink, ideally 1.5/2L per day at least. It will depend on your clinical condition.

  • What does CellPower Water taste like?

    The water has a neutral and very pleasant taste.

  • Can anyone drink CellPower Water?

    Yes. Anyone can drink, regardless of age or health status. It is completely safe.

  • What kind of water can I put in the CellPower Water Bottle?

    You can use RO, filtered or mineral water. HOWEVER, we do not recommend RO water. The ideal water to be used should have a pH between 5-6 and TDS (total dissolved solids) 20-50mg/L.

  • In addition to the electrical characteristics, what is changed the most?

    The density of the water, making water lighter and easier to drink. With CellPower Water, you do not feel full.

  • What is the lifetime of hydrogen in water?

    Over time, water loses its properties. We recommend that you consume it within 30 minutes after being produced.

  • Can I heat water for, for example, cooking?

    If you heat the water after the cycle, it will lose hydrogen. However, you can preheat (do not use microwave!) the water and place it inside the bottle to carry out the hydrogenation process.

  • What other applications does CellPower Water have?

    You can apply it on your face for skin care, on your eyes, on your hair, as a hand moisturizer, nasal wash and for cooking.

  • Is bottle maintenance required?

    The CellPower Water Bottle does not require mandatory periodic maintenance. It does not have any filter or part that has to be changed other than in case of damage. Battery should be changed when necessary (lifetime 12 months).
    If you do not use the bottle for more than a week, you must activate it with boiling water.

  • How is the bottle activation process?

    Cycle for 5 minutes with boiling water (using a kettle). Discard the water produced.

  • How long is the warranty on my device and what does it cover?

    The warranty is two years and covers manufacturing defects only. It may be necessary to replace the battery (lifetime 12 months) which is not covered by the warranty and whose price is around €5.

  • How long does a full charge last?

    A full charge takes about 10-15 cycles of 5 minutes, it will depend on the water temperature.

  • What are the dimensions and weight of the bottle?

    75mm X 210mm and 255grs.

  • How do I know my water is ready to drink?

    The bottle beeps and turns off the light. If desired, you can activate silent mode: with the bottle off, press and hold the button until you hear a single beep.

  • My bottle no longer beeps, but it still works. What should I do?

    With the bottle off, press and hold the button until you hear a single beep.