How it works

Use of precise frequencies and low intensity currents to support the health of cells, recovering the correct potential of the cell membrane.

In 1991, two scientists, Dr. Bert Sakmann and Dr. Erwin Neher, received the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine for their studies on the permeability of microcurrents in the human cell membrane, which subsequently consolidated the status of microcurrents in Medical Science. Nordenstrom further demonstrated that a low voltage current can restore a normal physiological state to cells with potential losses (Nordenstrom, 1983).

TimeWaver’s function is to restore the electrolyte balance, reposition the ions in the intra and extra cellular medium and thus restore the cell membrane potential.

The TimeWaver Frequency system is a medical device certified according to European Directive 93/42 / EWG class IIa – valid for all Europe – developed by Nuno Nina in cooperation with TimeWaver.

The TimeWaver system has a portable version (TimeWaver Home) so you can enjoy the treatment in the comfort of your home. The device is pre-programmed by a professional and draws up a therapeutic plan according to the needs.

Why TimeWaver Frequency?

At the atomic and subatomic level nothing is at rest, everything vibrates, everything is in constant motion and everything that vibrates has a certain frequency, measured in Hz. The frequencies can be divided into high and low, depending on the number of oscillations in a given interval of time.

The cells in our body vibrate at the frequency to which they are assigned, functioning as an orchestra, but when, for example, an organ is out of tune, the harmony of the whole organism will be affected.

Frequencies are the language and the key to cellular communication.
Dr. Nuno Nina’s knowledge of the frequencies allowed him to develop a set of frequencies – Gold Frequencies, which allow the recovery of the membrane potential.

In what cases can it be applied?

This therapy has action at the cellular level, so it has a wide range of applications both in acute and chronic situations, or just as prevention. Thus, it naturally presents a wide range of therapeutic applications, such as, for example, in the field of pain (headache, osteo-articular pain, myalgia, neuralgia, menstrual pain …), in the mental field (depression, anxiety, stress, fatigue mental, lack of concentration and memory ..) or oncological and degenerative diseases.

Electrotherapy can be used in all cases*.
Not only for those seeking to recover their health, but also for those who want to maintain it.

* except pacemaker patients, pregnant women, patients with transplants and epilepsy cases.