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If frequencies are the language through which communication occurs at the cellular level, many of the diseases can be reached and treated through the use of currents with the correct intensity, wavelengths, and frequencies.

The prerequisite for this theory is that specific frequencies may be associated with specific diseases and thus many diseases can be treated through different frequencies.


When we seek to maintain or recover our health, we need ions to return to the right places – we seek balance!

Do not forget that an ion is a negatively or positively charged atom. So if particles with electrical charges are in the wrong places, it is best to use electric current to re-create balance.

TimeWaver, what is it?

The TimeWaver Frequency system is a medical device certified according to European Directive 93/42 / EWG class IIa – valid for all Europe – developed by Nuno Nina in cooperation with TimeWaver.

The TimeWaver system has a portable version (TimeWaver Home) so you can enjoy the treatment in the comfort of your home. The device is pre-programmed by a professional and draws up a therapeutic plan according to the needs.

How does it work?

The function of TimeWaver (Frequency and Home) is precisely to force electrical charges to return to the correct places and thus, to have a healthy extracellular medium for the cells.

It is a system that uses microcurrent frequencies in the direct treatment of the disease or as a coadjuvant of other therapies, namely conventional ones.

It focuses on the cellular level and is designed to lead to successful, long-lasting cures. It acts on cell communication, on metabolism and on cell division, as well as on the cell membrane potential.

In which cases can it be applied?

The TimeWaver Frequency therapy method is designed to support endogenous regulatory mechanisms. Thus, it naturally exhibits a wide range of therapeutic applications, for example in the field of pain, in the mental field or oncological and degenerative diseases.

Electrotherapy can be used in all cases*.

Not only for those seeking to recover their health, but also for those who want to keep it.

*  except for pacemaker, pregnant, recent transplant patients and epilepsy cases.