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CellPower Water

The CellPower Water product line offers you the best options for producing and consuming hydrogenated water daily.

TimeWaver Home

2.512,61 €

Time Waver Home is a portable medical device that uses personalized frequencies as the method of treatment.

It can be easily handled by anyone, allowing you to perform your treatment anywhere.

Programs specifically adapted to your needs are created by an Integrative Medicine therapist who in turn transfers them to your TimeWaver Home. In this way, you can continue the treatment under therapeutic supervision at home.

In addition to the programs with various indications, it includes special sets based on Nuno Nina’s therapeutic protocol.

The TimeWaver Home system should be used according to your therapist’s indications, in order to recover and stabilize the membrane potential of the cells.

The experience of 600 therapists who use Nuno Nina’s method in their daily clinical practice and the knowledge of more than 2000 people who use TimeWaver Home at home are examples of how everyone can take their health into their own hands.


836.13 €

Healy is the first certified medical device that can act on a wide range of diseases, controlled through a smartphone. Its function is to provide the frequencies you need, whether you are at home, on the street, during a leisure activity or at work.

Healy allows you to analyse the individual frequencies you need at a given moment, in order to improve your well-being in a holistic and sustainable way.

It is an extremely versatile system: it can be used for health, physical and mental well-being, fitness or beauty. This multifaceted device brings together the most suitable programs for all important areas of your life. Divided into 16 groups, you have access to over 140 programs that you can easily transfer to your Healy.

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