CellPower Water Packet

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Packaged hydrogenated water

Ready to drink hydrogenated water, with optimized properties due to the presence of biominerals.

Conserved in a specially developed packet to help maintain the ideal health properties of CellPower Water: hydrogenated water, with negative ORP, neutral pH or slightly acid and biominerals.

The entire manufacturing and packaging process, as well as the technology behind the product, was developed by CellPower Water (Made in Portugal).

Product information


Hydrogen is composed of very small molecules which can easily escape conventional bottles – hence why we need a special pack. You should drink the hydrogenated water within 30 minutes of opening the pack.

CellPower Water is best consumed within 1 year of it being packaged, provided that the pack remains properly sealed and under ideal conditions (keep out of sunlight and in a dry/fresh place).

We recommend you drink 2 packs per day, in addition to the remaining consumption of hydrogenated water through CPW Bottle or CPW Desktop.

No additives, caffeine or calories.

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