CellPower Bottle

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Portable hydrogenated water generator

This device – developed by Nuno Nina and a global research team – creates water with ideal properties for our body: hydrogenated water, with negative ORP, and a neutral/slightly acidic pH (contrary to internet myths, alkaline water is not healthy).

How it works?

Using any water source (filtered or bottled), all you need to do is place it in glass and press a button. A 5 minutes cycle will generate the hydrogenated water properties and with a negative ORP, whilst maintaining the water’s original pH.

Which water should I use?

Filtered or bottled water is ideal in order to obtain an ideal result and not to damage the generator. It should ideally be free of chlorine and other unwanted substances, mineralized and with a pH of 6/7 (neutral).


Available in 4 colors.

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