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CellPower Water products offer you the best options to make-your-own and drink hydrogenated water daily.

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Why hydrogenated water?

Discover the scientific evidence proving some of the benefits of hydrogenated water.

60-70% of our body is water

We’re made of water

You have probably heard before that 60-70% of our body is water.
Even our molecules are 99% made of water.
Therefore, we need to understand water well.
The heat dilates our bodies; but water contracts with the heat.
The cold contracts our bodies; but water expands with the cold.
Two gases, when mixed, should result in another gas; but water, consisting of two gases, is liquid.
If water doesn’t follow conventional science… perhaps it is more complex than we think.
It has been through our thorough studies of water that we created CellPower Water.

What makes up our water

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