“Regular” water vs. Hydrogenated water

All water contains hydrogen. But in the H2O molecule, as the two hydrogen atoms are bound to oxygen, they are no longer available for other interactions.

Hydrogenated water is water in which the hydrogen molecules (H2) are free and accessible to be used by our body.


What is the advantage of hydrogen?

Hydrogen is the smallest molecule and the most abundant element – the “brick” of the Universe.

Its reduced size allows rapid penetration of cell membranes, acting as an antioxidant and protecting against the effect of elements that behave as free radicals.

H2 has the unique capacity to cross cell membranes and reach organelles such as mitochondria and nuclei, giving the water the function of working as an antioxidant.

CellPower Water has a high content of molecular hydrogen (obtained through structural changes to the water – not injected!).

The advantages of hydrogenated water consumption are widely studied:

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