These are contained in the CPW Packs, biominerals are incorporated through a process where no chemical substances or materials are used that could alter their natural composition.

They are added in an ideal amount to allow the body to maintain a healthy balance, without causing a change in taste.

Bioavailable minerals

Is mineral water equal?

The BioX solution, which reinforces the CellPower Water Packet, has a chemical composition similar to blood plasma and high stability in the composition of minerals.

The minerals contained in BioX are bioavailable and therefore easily recognized and absorbed by the human body.

Today, the problem is that our mineral intake through food has decreased significantly – due to pollution, soil exhaustion, stress, etc.

BioX is an excellent nutrient for the organism since it contains key minerals in an organic and bioavailable way.

The addition of these biominerals to CellPower Water maximises its effect, since the “fuel” that our body uses is consistent largely of minerals, without which our cells could not exercise their full function in the organism, with the consequent problems.

What makes up our water

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