The electricity may be conducted through matter by passing electric charge (positive or negative) from one point to another in the form of an electric current.

For the electric current to flow, charge carriers are required within matter as well as a force that moves it.

The charge carriers may be electrons, as in metals (metallic conduction) or as positive and negative ions in the electrolytic solutions (electrolytic conduction)

The unit for current is the Ampere. As the current specifies the speed at which the load is transferred, the flow of current over a time period will relate to the total quantity of charge transferred.

Electrical currents can be classified according to various parameters, including the type of pulse (constant or variable), the polarity and the frequency. Regarding the frequency of the current, this can be of low frequency (below 1000Hz), medium frequency (between 1000 Hz and 10,000 Hz) or high frequency (more than 10,000 Hz).







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