ElectroPhotonic Capture Analysis (ACEF) is a method of studying photon emission of various objects stimulated by an electromagnetic field. The method used to obtain this information is the Gas Discharge Visualization (VDG) based on the Kirlian phenomenon.

The predisposition to certain diseases, the choice of appropriate treatment and monitoring the "bioresponse" of various physiological and environmental factors are important aspects in preventive health services. This technique allows you to "capture" the electrophotonic momentum image of the around the fingers and extract information about the sympathetic and parasympathetic activity at the organism level.

The quantitative parameters difference between two systems, equal to an autonomous tone, and the coefficient of activation demanded can be used as an indirect measure of cognitive function. The area integral of the electrophotonic pulse is an illustration of the fractal level and consistency of the captured image. The integral entropy is a measure of the deviation of the physiological and functional psycho-emotional balance.

Advantages of the technique ACEF / VDG:

Full analysis of all organs.

Analysis of psychophysiological condition.

Division between psycho and soma.

Easy monitoring and treatment of the reaction or stimuli.

Non-evasive technique. 






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