Nuno Nina has devoted much of his life to computers and electronics.

With a background in Systems Engineering, Mathematics, Biochemistry, Naturopathy and Homeopathy, he was able to develop software and hardware for a variety of applications, having dedicated himself nowadays specifically to health.

His work is recognized in diverse countries such as: USA, Norway, Germany, Spain, etc. Meanwhile his books are adopted in some colleges of Engineering.

Nowadays, with the collaboration of several doctors, both national and international he has perfected and implemented innovative electromedical techniques.

Based on the fact that we are all made up of atoms, arranged in neutral, positive and negative electrical charges, we concluded that it would make sense to use our methods to control and change the electric fields we are made of. Our methods have found that the correct way to achieve this is by resorting voltage, current intensity, impedance, resistance, etc.. In order to try to retain the balance of our body are, i.e. the different electrical charges that we consist of.

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