Integrative Medicine

Change and human knowledge are always in transition. There is no evidence that supports that an idea that we believe is true today, will maintain its integrity tomorrow. While some natural phenomena observed may seem almost empirical, based on current scientific facts, the specificity of each concept will be forever altered because our tools and analysis methods are constantly changing, and hopefully improving. In the words of C. J. Keyser: "Absolute certainty is a privilege of uneducated minds and fanatics." A brief look at historical notions widely believed at a time, such as the sun revolves around the Earth and the Earth is flat, teach us that change in beliefs are constant. In turn humans should strive to maintain an open mind to new information, even if it threatens the sense of identity of that person.

Everything we think and know and are sheer possibilities and with modern analytical methods, that have proven to be proactive benefits to society over long periods of time, we can now weigh the understandings and beliefs on a scale that goes from least likely to most likely. This is based not based on human opinion or subjectivity, but on concrete answers from the natural world. This point leads us to the scientific method. Nature itself has its own set of rules as well as the ability to recognize themselves or interest in what we believe is true. Given this reality, it is in our best interest to learn and align ourselves with nature where possible, and electromedicine is the best known method for the application of the laws of nature. Integrative medicine is the electrical field’s correlation with matter.


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