Feel the pleasure of eating a light and healthy meal and you will see its immediate rewards, particularly when compared with the pleasure from eating a fatty and unhealthy meal.
The stomach has to work every day!

It is through the intestinal transit that the body eliminates fat. In order to guarantee full daily function of our tummy, you should consume foods high in fibre such as fruits, vegetables, cereals and bread.


The only way lose weight is if you spend more calories than you intake. A 15 to 20 minute walk per day can be the ideal solution.

Do not snack!

If you felt like snacking, drink water with detox, and you will see that the feeling will pass.

Avoid large meals!

The ideal way to eat is by consuming small amounts of food several times a day. Never more than three hours without a snack.

Eat a good breakfast!

Never fail to eat well in the morning. Always include natural fruit.
Eat slowly!

You should always chew your food thoroughly.

Avoid salt! The foods rich in salt causes fluid retention. The body gets a swollen aspect. If you have cellulite, you should pay special attention to this issue.

Do not eat large quantities past 18 h!

Our body consumes less calories at night because as this is a resting period. You should therefore choose to make a light meal for dinner, like a soup or a salad.

Do not drink alcohol or sodas!

Alcohol and soft drinks do not bring any benefit to the body and are highly fattening.

Drink lots of water and natural juices!

Avoid sweets!

Select sweets with fruit, like apple pie or orange cake.

Take vitamin supplements as well as a good anti-oxidant!







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